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The Resurgence of Trout
Glasgow SF fan meetings, 2nd Thursday of the month
Announcement - Satellite 3 launch 
17th-Mar-2010 01:49 pm
So its official - Satellite 3 is on the launch pad (or, more accurately, as a set of blueprints thinking about going to the Vehicle Assembly Building)

It will be on 25/26th February 2012, so plenty of time to clear your diaries. Our Guest of Honour will be Charlie Stross, which will be excellent.

As for location... we are going back to the Central Hotel !!!

Currently, the hotel is closed, receiving a £20M refurbishment, but is due to open this September as the Grand Central Hotel. The SS committee have been around the building and it is quite amazing inside. Everything is stripped back to the bare wall and the rooms are full of dismantled baths, bare wiring and dust an inch thick. However, the finished designs look amazing. The new owners (Principal Hayley - try not to think of Buffy here)also own the Russell Hotel in London and the George in Edinburgh, 2 very similar aged buildings to the GCH.

For current progress on the hotel, visit the company mini site at http://www.thegrandcentralhotel.com/

Price for the con currently is £10 suporting and £40 attending. We will try and hold the £40 for as long as possible, but please book now to get the best price. We will be at Eastercon and after that you will be able to book on line at www.satellite3.org.uk.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

22nd-Mar-2010 09:26 am (UTC)
Woot! Sorry I missed the launch at Trout (but I reckon you know why I couldn't come in).

Delighted to see you guys back in Mission Control and have bookmarked 2/12 in my diary!
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