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Resurgence of Trout - 10th Anniversary.

As Resurgence of Trout is about to be 10 years old and in the absence of any evidence to the contrary (no one can remember the official date) I hereby declare that Resurgence of Trout will celebrate its 10th birthday on the 10th December.

I looked back on this group but there is no mention of what date the first meeting was on so the 10th December is as good as any.
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spam deleted

I have deleted the spam comment to an entry made a few years ago. It was particularly annoying due to the entry that the wanker chose to target. I presume they do not speak English. I will also report the account to LJ.

Announcement - Satellite 3 launch

So its official - Satellite 3 is on the launch pad (or, more accurately, as a set of blueprints thinking about going to the Vehicle Assembly Building)

It will be on 25/26th February 2012, so plenty of time to clear your diaries. Our Guest of Honour will be Charlie Stross, which will be excellent.

As for location... we are going back to the Central Hotel !!!

Currently, the hotel is closed, receiving a £20M refurbishment, but is due to open this September as the Grand Central Hotel. The SS committee have been around the building and it is quite amazing inside. Everything is stripped back to the bare wall and the rooms are full of dismantled baths, bare wiring and dust an inch thick. However, the finished designs look amazing. The new owners (Principal Hayley - try not to think of Buffy here)also own the Russell Hotel in London and the George in Edinburgh, 2 very similar aged buildings to the GCH.

For current progress on the hotel, visit the company mini site at

Price for the con currently is £10 suporting and £40 attending. We will try and hold the £40 for as long as possible, but please book now to get the best price. We will be at Eastercon and after that you will be able to book on line at

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

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New venue for Trout

At tonight's Trout it was decided that, due to the Cask & Still's imminent demise ( it may or may not still be open in December but definitely won't be in January), a new venue needed to be chosen for next month's meeting. The consensus was to move to the Edward Wyllie in Bothwell St. This is a Wetherspoon's pub, with lots of room, no music, real ale, and food till quite late. This will be Trout's venue for the foreseeable future.

A few questions for science fiction fans.

As many of you know I am studying for my MSc in Information and Library Studies. I am doing my dissertation on "Science Fiction in Libraries" and my survey can be taken online now.

I would be very grateful if any science fiction fans on would grace me with their answers.
I will be cross-posting this to other LJ communities and to facebook, so sorry if you see this notice in several places in the coming weeks.

It should only take between 2 minutes and 10 minutes to complete, depending on how many questions you answer. It's completely anonymous and all surveys will be destroyed when the project is over.
Satellite 1

July Trout + Satellite 2

July's Trout is tomorrow, Thursday 9th, as usual in the back area of the Cask & Still, Hope St. Satellite 2 is only a couple of weeks away now, so this is your last chance to get membership at pre-con rates.

Satellite 2 is going to be a fun-packed weekend, with serious items on stuff like the Apollo guidance computer, panels on the Moon in SF and on Iain M. Banks's work, quizzes, silly games (I believe the ever-popular Finding Uranus is returning!), a disco on the Saturday evening, and of course a dealers' room/art show.

If you haven't joined up yet, why not?

If you have... have you thought about volunteering to help? The con is run by its members, and everyone can contribute. A little light gophering is a good way to meet people and can make the con a lot more fun, especially if it's your first time.

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Satellite 2 advance memberships

just a reminder that the 17th July is the cut-off date for advance memberships for Satellite 2. If you do not join the convention by this date, you have to pay on the door.

The committee will be at Trout this Thursday, so if you intend joining in advance and can make Trout, save yourself a stamp, and join on Thursday night.

It's going to be a good one. In years to come people will talk about this convention with reverence, it's going to be THAT good.