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Glasgow police box

Trout Memory Prod

Before I get wrapped up in fun stuff (or snowed in, which is also possible in these southerly parts) I wanted to remind everyone that February's Trout is next Thursday, 12th February, from 7pm-ish in The Cask and Still, Hope Street. If you haven't been there before, we meet in the area at the back of the pub. All SF/Fantasy fans welcome.

Some sad news for those of us who remember cons there: the Central Hotel has closed down. It had its problems, but I always enjoyed the cons there. No one who saw John Salthouse's displays of pyromania in the Logie Baird Room is ever likely to forget it. Very sad to see it go.

[ETA: and I have just been told that John Salthouse himself has died recently. It gets worse and worse...]
Glasgow police box

Memory prod

November's Trout is this Thursday, 13th November, also known as tomorrow. As usual, in the Cask and Still, Hope Street, from about 19:00 hours. There will be the opportunity to join up for cons, though sadly not Aetherica, which has had to be cancelled owing to unexpected and unresolvable problems with the venue.
Glasgow police box

March Trout

A bit later than usual, sorry about that, but this is just to remind everyone that this month's Trout is tonight, in  the Cask & Still, Hope Street. From 7pm officially, but there are usually some there earlier.

If you bring money, you may have the opportunity to sign up for forthcoming cons...