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Glasgow police box


Good turnout at Trout last night. Nice to see Sparks make it (and lucky to see he made it to judge from the story of his journey). The suggestion was made that perhaps a fortnightly Trout might be a good move; see dalg's post (and comment there rather than here, if you want to, although obviously no decision can be made on LJ). This is something worth thinking about for a while, chatting about in the next few weeks; I suggest we decide at October's Trout.

I was chatting to the pub's boss last night: he was very happy to have Trout meeting there and would be happy if we did increase the frequency (he has grasped the fact, which some pub management doesn't, that we turn up and by drink, which from his point of view is A Good Thing). The only real downside to the place is the lack of real ale, but you can't have everything.

Trout's next meetings will be September 11th and October 9th