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A-Trouting We Will go!

It was good to see so many Trouts old and new at Concussion. What a blast that con was!

Anyway, now that Eastercon is past, we have the Paisley Beer Festival to look forward to. Discussion at Trout last week and during the con suggests that we are all of the opinion that SF fans are wholly capable of making their own way to a location where there is real ale in copious amounts, so the plan (if that is not putting it too strongly) is that some of us will be there from six-ish (or 18:00 as I nearly wrote; all that time in Ops over the weekend is getting to me) and others of us will come along as we can.

Remember to come prepared to take a pint glass home with you. If you haven't been to one of these before, you pay your entry fee, get a glass, and you keep it; if you return to the Beer Festival on Friday or Saturday with the glass, you get in for nothing.
Glasgow police box

A Trouting Proposal

RoT has no real rules or organisation as such, and long may that continue; Ian Sorensen once described the original FOKT as people come along, sit and chat, then go away again — and that seems to me to be exactly the level of organisation we want.

Having said that, we did chat last night about having the odd Trout outing — or, indeed, “Trouting” — and it was widely felt that a damn good opportunity for a Trouting would be the Paisley Beer Festival.

The Paisley Beer Festival takes place in the Town Hall, and runs from April 19th (Wednesday) to 22nd (Saturday).
Open: Wed 5-11pm, Thu 12-11pm, Fri & Sat Noon-Midnight. Admission £5, CAMRA/EBCU £3, incl souvenir glass, return glass for free re-entry to any session. c100 beers + foreign + ciders.

The best night to go is often Thursday as it is a little quieter; this is the third Thursday of the month, the week after Trout (in fact, the week after Eastercon). How would people feel about a Trout excursion to the PBF on Thursday 20th? If anyone is uncertain about travel to the event, I am sure arrangements could be made to meet at Central and head out to the wilds of Paisley.

Of course, heading out there on Thursday does not in any way prevent us from heading out there on Friday, or even Saturday...