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Satellite 1

July Trout + Satellite 2

July's Trout is tomorrow, Thursday 9th, as usual in the back area of the Cask & Still, Hope St. Satellite 2 is only a couple of weeks away now, so this is your last chance to get membership at pre-con rates.

Satellite 2 is going to be a fun-packed weekend, with serious items on stuff like the Apollo guidance computer, panels on the Moon in SF and on Iain M. Banks's work, quizzes, silly games (I believe the ever-popular Finding Uranus is returning!), a disco on the Saturday evening, and of course a dealers' room/art show.

If you haven't joined up yet, why not?

If you have... have you thought about volunteering to help? The con is run by its members, and everyone can contribute. A little light gophering is a good way to meet people and can make the con a lot more fun, especially if it's your first time.

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Satellite 2 advance memberships

just a reminder that the 17th July is the cut-off date for advance memberships for Satellite 2. If you do not join the convention by this date, you have to pay on the door.

The committee will be at Trout this Thursday, so if you intend joining in advance and can make Trout, save yourself a stamp, and join on Thursday night.

It's going to be a good one. In years to come people will talk about this convention with reverence, it's going to be THAT good.
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Trout in June: British Fantasy Society Open Night

June's Trout will be next Thursday, 11th June, as usual in the Cask and Still, Hope Street.

Not as usual, we'll be having a joint meeting with the British Fantasy Society (which organises the yearly Fantasycon). There will be free snacks from about 9pm, and books available at half price (£3.99). The thread on the BFS's forum is here.

Don't forget memberships are still available for Satellite 2 — see one of the Committee if you haven't already joined, it's going to be lots of fun.

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Satellite 2

Just a reminder that I will have membership forms for Satellite 2 with me at Trout on Thursday. If you haven't already signed up, and want to, remember to bring some extra money with you (£10 supporting/£45 attending) and you'll be able to join on the night.

For all the latest on Satellite 2, go to the website.
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May's Trout

The Trout meeting for May will be on Thursday 14th May, as usual in The Cask & Still, Hope Street, from 7pm. (There are usually some Trouts there earlier than that.) There's something else going on in the pub that night, but we will have our normal area at the rear of the pub.
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Two Trouts

In April, the usual Trout night falls on the night before Eastercon, so it's not clear how many will be at Trout. So we're going to have Trout a week early, on 2nd April... and also on 9th, the usual night, for those who aren't going south that day. So some of us can go to Trout twice in one month!
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Trout Memory Prod

Before I get wrapped up in fun stuff (or snowed in, which is also possible in these southerly parts) I wanted to remind everyone that February's Trout is next Thursday, 12th February, from 7pm-ish in The Cask and Still, Hope Street. If you haven't been there before, we meet in the area at the back of the pub. All SF/Fantasy fans welcome.

Some sad news for those of us who remember cons there: the Central Hotel has closed down. It had its problems, but I always enjoyed the cons there. No one who saw John Salthouse's displays of pyromania in the Logie Baird Room is ever likely to forget it. Very sad to see it go.

[ETA: and I have just been told that John Salthouse himself has died recently. It gets worse and worse...]
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January's Trout

January's Trout will be next Thursday, 8th January, as usual in the rear area of the Cask & Still, Hope St. from about 7pm. Some will probably be there earlier.

This has now been confirmed with the venue. Why do pubs always leave it till the last week of December to get a new diary? :)

Happy New Year everyone!