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Glasgow police box

Pre-Eastercon Glasgow Fan Meeting — reminder & update

As previously posted, Trout will meet on Thursday from 7pm in the Ingram Bar, Queen Street. The GSFWC will also be having a reading session (Word Dogs) in the Ingram from 8pm. Such is the layout of the Ingram Bar, both can go ahead simultaneously. However, owing to an unexpected wee structural change in the bar, the placement of Trout and Word Dogs will be switched, i.e. Word Dogs will now have the area at the rear and to the left, Trout will be to the right (the usual Trout area). Otherwise, all details are the same as in this post (which also has a link to a map).

Anyone in town for Eastercon is very welcome to join us at either or both of these events on Thursday. What could be a better way to get into the mood for the con?

Nearest Subway station: Buchanan Street
Nearest railway stations: Glasgow Central and Queen Street are both within five minutes’ walk.
Buses: any bus going to George Square or Ingram Street (the Ingram is in Queen Street immediately south of George Square and just north of Ingram Street).

Note that the Ingram Bar has nothing to do with what used to be the Ingram Hotel (at one time a con venue), it is not in the same place!
Glasgow police box

Dog and Trout: the Resurgence of Trout/GSFWC in April

April’s Trout takes place on Thursday, April 13th, as usual from 7pm in the Ingram Bar in Queen Street. The evening will be a little different from the usual Trout:
  1. This is the night before Eastercon — hopefully, anyone coming to Glasgow for Concussion will be have heard of the Trout gathering; do spread the word, though, so that anyone who wants to can come along.

  2. As well as the usual Trout gathering, sharing the Ingram with us that night will be Word Dogs, a reading of stories by GSFWC and their friends: this will get started from 8pm. The programme is not finalised, but there will be contributions from Hal Duncan, Gavin Inglis, Richard Mosses, Mark Harding and Mike Gallagher, and probably also from Neil Williamson, Paul Cockburn, Gary Gibson, and Phil Raines; there may well be others.
Those who have been to Trout before: the normal, sociable Trout gathering will be focussed in a different area of the pub, to the rear and at the left (where there is a raised area); the section of the pub we have normally used for Trout will be used for Word Dogs — this is to the right of the bar as you enter. The layout of the pub means that anyone who just wants to have a sociable chat with other fen can do so at the same time as the readings are going on.

Those who haven’t been to Trout before: the Ingram Bar is a pleasant city centre bar, handy for bus, train, subway and taxi (so no problem getting home/back to the hotel); during the day and into the early part of the evening it serves food which is better than the average pub food. On the 13th, the kitchen will stay open until 7:30pm for us (usually shuts at 7pm); people wanting food should try to get there as early as they can make it. As well as food, the Ingram usually has three decent real ales on draught and it always has an excellent selection of whiskies.